Typhoon IoT Platform was designed by Cutter Solutions as a comprehensive ecosystem for operating your IoT devices. We are primarily focused on worker safety issues (WAS) and measuring of quantities. We´ve been in a process of developing other different business implementations such as logistics, hospitality industry, auto repair shops, etc. We are ready to apply Typhoon IoT into your specific business field.

WAS System

Worker Active-RFID Safety

WAS System is designed for worker detection and warnings in areas where their lives and health might be in danger. WAS significantly increases workman safety in dangerous operations, line construction sites, terrain work, construction lots or logistic centers. It simultaneously increases safety of industrial machines, devices or used technologies. It detects man – machine or machine – machine collisions.

WAS creates two – level zones around a machine, vehicle or technology perimeter. When crossing the specific perimeter and entering the dangerous zone, WAS sets off the audio, light or vibration alarm and warns workers or machine operators. Standard reaction time is 1 sec for one area employing 10 machines and 20 workers. Precision of measuring is less than 1m.


WAS System supports observing the work safety rules. It prevents critical situations on workplace and allows controlling of the safety rules observing.


Employing the WAS System allows supervision and protection of workers on a detached workplace during the work process.


WAS System employed on machines protects workmen in the proximity, machine operators as well as the machines themselves.


Preventing collisions between machines and between machines and solid obstacles is a crucial feature of the WAS System.


Operational status monitoring of machines or vehicles is the integral feature of the WAS System.

Record Keeping

WAS System enables keeping current or historic records of workers on workplace which allows for further reporting or analytics.


By using SOS button the WAS System enables immediate call for help in case of emergency.


WAS System detects life – threatening situations. The Man – Down functionality sets off warning signals in case of workman´s unexpected movements.

Measuring of Quantities

Detection of physical quantities

System for measuring of quantities comprises a simple compact NB-IoT unit and integrated or external sensors enabling monitoring of different physical quantities, primarily temperature, pressure, humidity, radiation and many others. Potential of connecting different external sensors (digital, pulse and analog) in combination with self-contained operation enabled by integrated battery enhance the NB-IoT Unit into a powerful measuring tool.

System for measuring of quantities can be utilized in many business branches or activities, including transport, drug or food storage monitoring, monitoring of different parameters of smart buildings (quality and flow of air), transportation and logistics (localization of cargo, vehicle or packaging), health and research institutions (monitoring of protected areas), agriculture (monitoring of humidity, illumination and temperature) or restaurant services (beer keg tracking), as well as many other applications.


Basic NB-IoT Unit can be connected with a range of different sensors, from non- expensive low end sensors measuring basic physical quantities to specialized calibrated sensors for extreme conditions.


Basic Unit enables wireless communication with central IS by the means of mobile data network. Measured quantities are remotely read. The threshold values, types of measuring or recording frequency can by remotely preset.


Integrated battery powers the NB-IoT Unit up to 4 years of operation. Simultaneously, the Unit doesn´t require any manual servicing, maintenance including firmware actualizations and reset of system parameters are performed over–the–air.


NB-IoT System can be employed in monitored environments (laboratories, hospitals, research centers, special logistics or manufacturing).


NB-IoT System can be equipped with sensors monitoring motion of people or objects (tools, packaging, etc.) within the bordered perimeter. Each object must be mounted with a basic identification tag.


BN-IoT Unit can be equipped with a localization GPS sensor which enables pre-setting of different localization scenarios of different objects (vehicle, packaging, container) combined with measuring of physical quantities (temperature, shakes, etc.).


Ecosystem for measuring of physical quantities has been complemented with the system for operation and monitoring of the engaged devices. Integral element of the system are dashboards designed for monitoring and evaluation of important data and parameters. IS is open to third party solutions as well.


Basic Unit is equipped with different interfaces (digital, pulse, analog) enabling connections with different types of sensors. Digital sensors can be connected in a bus-mode allowing parallel operation of multiple sensors.


Platform for IoT devices

The basis of the platform is the UNIFY product from Physter Technology. The product is running in infrastructures of market leading customers operating in the fields of telecommunications or network providers. This layer provides communication interface for IoT devices supplied not only by affiliate company Cutter Systems, but the interface can be easily adapted for the third party IoT device suppliers. Currently, the devices provided by Senzoor have been tested. Additional key feature is the interface for telemetric data transfer from sensors to end customers´ destination information systems or cloud platforms. Interfacing between IBM Watson IoT Platform and the globally operating logistics company is an example of such successful integration.

Another important interface is API accessing processed data enabling to connect monitoring and administration systems. This interface was used to connect our IoT Panel, which is part of the surveillance.

Integration layer provides even more basic services. The most relevant one is the warning management which enables sending of warnings received from IoT devices to appointed system administrator by means of email or SMS. Additional services are in development, such as an analytic module for telemetric data evaluation (individual or in pre-defined context, etc.)

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